How to make Grid Posts for Instagram

How to make Grid Posts for Instagram

Have you ever seen Instagram accounts that uses the grid posts like one bellow? There are a lot of apps nowadays, that lets you cut your images into pieces and then upload to Instagram. But how to do it in photoshop if you have already existing image or with the new one. Let’s go step by step.

Instagram grid post

Step 1: Add Guides for Reference

Go to View > New Guide Layout … to create a guide before we cut them out. Make sure to set number of columns to 3 and unchecked Rows. If you want to make 9 cuts then set 3 columns and 3 rows.

new guide layout

Step 2: Use the slice tool to create slices

Choose the slice tool from tools. Make square slices using the slice tool and the guides that you have made in the Step 1. You should have 3 slices like in the photo below.

long post guides

Step 3: Use the Slice Select Tool… to Name Your Slices

When you name your slices, you need to make sure you name them in the right order. In our case we need to start form the right to left. If you have 9 slices you need to name them starting from right bottom slice and move to left. Just double click on your slice and change the Name field.

Slice selection tool

Step 4: Save your slices

Go to Files > Export > Save For Web (Legacy). The export window will open. Make sure you have selected all the slices and change the file format to JPEG or PNG. After that click on save button and make sure that you have Slices field set to All Slices. Then save your work. After that you would find your slices in the folder where you have saved, they. Now you can upload it to Instagram with right order.

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