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Free Resources for Graphic Designers

When designer start working on a project, one of the things that designers often do, is preparing the resources that would be used for the project, Images, brushes, fonts, color palettes and plugins. You can buy these resources from payed resources and not to worry about the price if your project pays off. But what if you are new to graphic design and you can’t afford payed assets? You need to look for free alternatives online. This article is about best resources that even the professional designers use even if they can afford the payed assets.

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1. Where Can I look for free Stock Images?

Ever had a trouble finding images for your project? You used google images, but you were not sure if you’re allowed to use these images? They look blurry and low res? They read this point till end.

If you’re looking for free stock images for both personal and commercial use, then you need to visit these amazing resources

Looking for vector graphics? Then visit these resources.

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2.  How to find good quality free fonts?

Typography in any design, is a crucial component. The stock fonts used in windows and mac are not satisfying the designer needs. Every designer has a pack of free or paid fonts that they are using for their projects. It’s very long and hard process to collect fonts these fonts and sometimes it can be very expensive.

Here is the list of free resources to find free fonts for both personal and commercial use.

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3. How to create an effect that I saw online?

Did you ever ask yourself, how the heck he did that? A huge amount of styles, effects, retouch techniques and other effects. If you’ve learned how to create pencell drawn effect, you will be able also to use the same tools in to create more effects. So where to find a huge number of tutorials and effects for free?


Just try to keep in mind that even with limited resources you would be able to make a great artwork. Everything is always depending on your skills and sense of taste. Just remember that there are always amazing resources that can help you to achieve your goals.

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